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Human hair extensions work as the impeccable way in adding a new hairstyle and can add length and volume to your hair. When you are using these extensions for the given purposes, you would end up wanting to remove them once you have them in your hair for three months. This does not only help in protecting your natural hair but also protects your hair extensions. Hence, there are a few different and finest ways in removing various types of full head hair extensions that you must follow. 


You will need wide tooth comb, shampoo, conditioner, scissors and optional hair extension removal equipment for the hair extensions' stitches. Be mindful that these extensions that are sewn in could turn to difficult in removing and can possibly cause hair loss if the hair extension removal system is not properly followed. 


The very first step in removing them is to locate the thread that was stitched to your natural hair. Once this is found, you will be using scissors in cutting the thread. However, be careful so you won't end up cutting the original hair. You can then pull the extension from your hair once the thread has been cut and do it again on repeat. Wash and condition your natural hair once all the extensions have been removed. 


For the glue in extensions, you are going to need glue remover or dissolver, wide tooth comb, shampoo, and conditioner. These extensions are prone to causing a lot of damage so you should pay extra care while removing these extensions. Apply the glue remover or dissolver to the extensions' base. Perform the extension until you feel that it is starting to loosen. Comb it and remove the extension from your natural hair's length once it is loose. Do the process on repeat for the remaining extensions and wash it after. 


For thermal and cold fusion extensions, you will need a bond remover, wide tooth comb and a bond removal shampoo and conditioner. Even though it is highly recommended to have this kind of human hair extensions removed at the hair salon, you are still capable of removing it at home. You would need to apply the bond remover to the base of the extension and execute it up to the hair's length and leave it for a minimum of 10 minutes to loosen the bond. You are going to use the wide tooth comb to come gently come the extensions out of your hair after the allocated time frame. Finish it with a hair wash with the use of shampoo and conditioner.