Blue Flower



Braids for days - go for the synthetic styles of box braids, marley twists as well as Senegalese twists with hair extensions for an incredibly easy upkeep. And in the event that the weather would get colder and you are wearing a lot of scarves and hats, the braid hair extensions can make everything look tidy and sleek.

Make them  match - if you are using synthetic hair extensions, then try adding a shine serum to your natural hair so as to provide an additional sheen and assist it to match the silky appearance of the fake hair.


The perfect bun - without a doubt, not all of us have enough number of hair strands to make a perfect bun, as a result, adding a couple of hair extensions can take your topknot to greater heights.


Safeguard at the gym - just because you have hair extensions that does not denote that you can't enjoy having an intense workout. Make sure to keep your hair up in a ponytail or in a bun and make use of a headband so as to keep the hair from frizzing or slipping.


Subtly layered - you can allow your hair to grow for how many years and never have it appear as great as Mea Michele. The secret is the clip-in hair extensions that are layered so as to generate a natural look.


Sleep gently - and if your hair extensions are woven, then you will want to make them appear as great as possible. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can definitely assist in cutting back on frizz as well as keep the hair look natural. In addition, avoid sleeping with a wet hair so as not to have hair tangles.


Visit your hairstylist - the best means to make sure that your hair extensions will complement well to your own hairstyle is the need to cut them. The hair extensions necessitate some shape or form in order to make them appear real, or else, it is going to be obvious that they are fake hair pieces. Just take your hair extensions with you and present them to your hair stylist in order to make sure that they will blend very well. 


Consider the placement - the hair extensions can certainly get heavy and can add stress on the roots, as a result, you need to match it with the density of your hair. In case your hair is fine, then choose clip in hair extensions that have lighter density and be certain that the hair extensions are positioned where the hair is strongest.