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Hair extensions are pieces of artificial or actual human hair designed to be added on the human head. They serve a purpose of making hair appear to be of more volume and longer than it is and thus enhancing the look of the person wearing them. The extensions can be used by either gender in the form of weaves and wigs.

There are methods which they are added to the hair. The most common are by sewing the extensions into hair in a method called tracking. This first requires the hair to be in corn rows then a person then attaches the extension to the intact hair. Another method is by using hair clips whereby clips attach the extensions and the actual hair. Extensions can also be applied by the use of nets where the extensions are sown onto a net and then attached to the person's head. The fastest method is by bonging and sealing. As the name suggests this is whereby, the UK hair extensions are attached to portions of the hair, then-then the two are sealed together using special thread or rubber band that comes with the packaging. Some people may opt to fuse the extensions to their hair with the extensions with glue in a process called fusion. People with voluminous and only need their hairlines taken care of using the lacing method.


If the hair extension is artificial, then there are restrictions to the exposure the hair can withstand. They are normally manufactured of synthetic fiber so that they cannot be exposed to immense heat like the flat iron, chemicals that perm and hair dyes. The hair extensions made from human hair, however, can be done for everything normal hair would be till it wears out. The extensions can be washed when dirty without any effect. The extensions come in different colors denoted in number form. They also have different textures, appearances and length to fit different kinds of users. 


Artificial hairs are used worldwide. There are therefore so many production companies of the same therefore the qualities and standards are bound to differ for that reason. Users of the extensions develop preferences and cause demands of certain products. The production companies then conform to these preferences and adjust their production. Some forms of hairs are produced more cause of demand. The diverse production also leads to trends that are mainly promoted by celebrities, and therefore the dynamic of preferred black clip in extension types keeps shifting.